Transparent Anatomical Flapper; thanks to In Utero, The Saturday Evening Post, & William BlakeBADMOTORFLAPPER is a 10-track collection of poems I wrote as tributes to some of my favorite women of the 1920s + music of the 1990s. Some of these poems have been previously published in places like Yes, Poetry and Rag Queen Periodical, but some are exclusive to this little booklet.

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Track Listing

  1. DOROTHY PARKER will have her revenge on Manhattan
  2. GRETA GARBO behind the counter in a small town
  3. Sometimes ZELDA FITZGERALD gives the creeps herself
  4. JOSEPHINE BAKER ain’t nuthing ta fuck wit
  5. CLARA BOW is in your face but you can’t grab her
  6. THEDA BARA with butterfly wings
  7. LUPE VELEZ is a hot spitfire fit to burn
  8. Got them Down-in-a-hole BESSIE SMITH Blues
  9. ANNA MAY WONG’s gonna break this rusty cage
  10. Last Dance with LULU BROOKS

“…homage to decadent womanhood, with surrealist style…written both eloquently and at times humorously…an entire cornucopia of sentimental remembrance…” – Harley Claes, Angelical Ravings Zine

“O’Brien’s craft is strong. I love their flexibility with and careful use of form to suit both the aura of the flapper in question and the song that she’s paired with…Glittery flappers are draped on top of 90s songs smoking cigarettes in long holders or maybe the 90s songs are wrapping the flappers in iridescent gauze like, oh, I don’t know, a bullet with butterfly wings? All I know is O’Brien brings these jazz babies into the grunge age and makes them sizzle.” – Jessie Janeshek, Really Serious Literature

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