ALBUM COVERS (1927 – 2024)

Selected album covers from my near-century career as a genre-fluid musicmaker.

Voodoo Motel, the glam/punk/R&B album I recorded in New Orleans back in 1976

Drape Your Heart In Fireflies, the psychedelic folk album I recorded in Laurel Canyon back in 1968

Psychic Autopsy, the Industrial Goth album I recorded in East Berlin back in 1981

FutureMatic UltraCom, the New Wave Synthpop album I recorded in London back in 1983

Xerox Gemini, the Acid Jungle album I recorded in Manchester back in 1997

Antebellum Folklore, the Jangly College Rock album I recorded in Athens, Georgia back in 1986

The Trans-Dimensional Journeys of Kozmo Glitterchild, the Glam-Prog triple-album rock opera I recorded in Tokyo, Ibiza, & on the Moon back in 1973

Speedball Boogie, the Sleaze-Metal album I recorded on the Sunset Strip back in 1988

Squid Carcass Doppelganger, the Avant-Garde Jazz-Rock album I recorded in the Mojave Desert back in 1969

Junkbucket, the Hardcore/Grunge album I recorded in Seattle back in 1992

There’s a Good Lad, the Twee-Pop album I recorded in Glasgow back in 1998

Alphabet City Shakedown, the Garage Rock Revival album I recorded in Manhattan’s Lower East Side back in 2002

The Dogs of Dream & Desire, the Baroque Faerie-Pop album I recorded in the middle of a forest somewhere in Wales back in 1987

Midnight Mirage, the Melodica-based Cool Jazz album I recorded in Hell’s Kitchen back in 1958

American Wind, the Hippie-Rock album I recorded in San Francisco back in 1967

Sussurri Avvenente, the Italian Vocal Jazz album I recorded in Rome back in 1956

The Duchess of Shangri-La, the Artsy Arena-Disco album I recorded in Stockholm back in 2009

Rudy Don’t Stop, the Second-Wave Ska album I recorded in Kingston back in 1979

Absurd is the Word, the album of accordion-based parody songs I recorded in Dr. Demento’s basement back in 1984

PhantomThrob, the Electroclash album I recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn back in 2003

Lucid Eclipse, the Chillwave album I recorded in the Outer Banks of North Carolina back in 2010

Meditations & Mindfucks, the half New Age / Ambient, half Mushroom-Nightmare Noise Rock album I recorded in a fallout shelter beneath the Colorado Rockies back in 2016

Squeetle-Zeepin’ in the Moonlight, the Scat-Jazz single I recorded in a Chicago speakeasy back in 1927

Groovin’ With the Geckos, the Gulf-and-Western album I recorded in West Palm Beach back in 1975

I Think I Took Your Drugs By Mistake, the anti-folk album I recorded in Manhattan’s East Village back in 2001

Iguanapocalypse, the Batucada/Witch House album I recorded during an ayahuasca trip in the Peruvian Amazon back in 2012

Love Letters From On the Lam, the Outlaw Country / Biker Blues album I recorded at various points between Nashville & El Paso back in 1977

Karma Kaleidoscope, the Raga-Rock album I recorded in Rishikesh, India back in 1968

ThunderBarrel!, the Instrumental Surf Rock album I recorded in Cucamonga, California back in 1963

Samsara Jitterbug, the Beat Poetry album I recorded in Greenwich Village back in 1957

Millennial Malaise, the Technophobic Experimental Brit-Pop concept album I recorded in Oxfordshire, England back in 1999

Bed Beneath the Cellar, the Lo-Fi Outsider Folk album I recorded in Houston back in 1985

Thermonuclear SpectraVision, the PsychoDub / Disco-Metal album I recorded in a lucid dream back in 2024

MenschlichFabrik, the Sleek Euro-Electronic album I recorded in Düsseldorf, Germany back in 1977

HumpSweat, the Porno-Funk album I recorded in Minneapolis back in 1982

At the Shadowy Altar of the Corpse Demon, the Black Metal album I recorded in Oslo back in 1994

Moody Doom, the musically palindromic album I recorded in Suraleb, Belarus back in 1991

Sunlight Smells Like Froot Loops, the Hypnagogic Pop album I recorded in Encino, California back in 2011

The Ginger-Snap Twins, the Minimalist Blues-Punk album I recorded in Detroit back in 2000

Untruth, Injustice, and the Fascio-Capitalist Way, the Political Pop-Punk Protest album I recorded in Berkeley, California back in 1996

Ultra-Humöngous Ecstasy, the Scandinavian Trip-Hop album I recorded in Reykjavik back in 1997

Eyelid Blisters & Cactus Rash, the Stoner-Metal / Jam-Rock album I recorded in Palm Desert, California back in 2004

Blood Harvest, the Vampire Rock / Bohemian Folk album I recorded in Prague back in 1979

Case of the Vapors, the Riot Grrrl album I recorded in Olympia, Washington back in 1993

Meet Me In the Library, the Geek Rock / Bubblegum Pop album I recorded in Mansfield, Ohio back in 1998

Aerodynamic Vagabond Academy, the Lo-Fi Indie Rock album I recorded in Dayton, Ohio back in 1995

Can You Hear the Confetti Explosions In the Magnetic Fields of Ganymede???, the Cosmic Prog / Baroque Pop album I recorded in Oklahoma City back in 2003

Polite Awakening, the Feminist Folk album I recorded while following the Lilith Fair tour back in the summer of 1997

The Velvet Sea, the solo A Capella album of Phish covers I recorded inside a sensory deprivation tank full of grape Kool-Aid back in 2004