crackedshadowsCracked Shadows – Small Scores (2009)
“Cracked Shadows” is a one-person-band formed by three alter egos:
Joe E. Rosewater (guitars, hulusi) ; Claudia Celine (keyboards) ; Ivan Rudikov (drums)
Small Scores
is an album of soundtrack music for films that don’t exist yet

“Black Arrow” (1970s Brazilian Stalker Funk)

“Swagger & Smoke” (Late-Night Bender Brawl Strut)

“Electric Tempest” (Rock n’ Roll Hurricane)

“Mastic Beach” (Cloudy Urban Spaghetti Western Amble)

“Anna Karina” (Slinky Jazzy Rendezvous)

“The Luscious Assassins” (Psycho Trip-Hop Espionage)

“We’ll Be Honest When We’re Dead” (Foggy Riverside Graveyard Stomp)

“Dottie Parker” (Smoky Speakeasy Shuffle)

“Bernadine” (1950s Slowdance Daydream)

“Who, Lucy?” (Southeast Asian Surf Jam)