“Chapel Perilous, New York”Excuse Me, Winter 2023
“Mutant Eternity”Many Loops, June 2020
“Reaper Taps” – Fluland, June 2017
“Stanley Kubrick’s Shit Happens – FLAPPERHOUSE #1, Spring 2014
“The Little Daredevil” – matchbook, first print edition, March 2013
“The Siamese Python” – The Alarmist, Issue Two, February 2013
“The Shortcut” – The Rusty Nail, Issue 11, January 2013

“More Felicitous”Fuck You, Next, January 2022
“So Far From Where I Am”Tuff Poems, June 2020
BADMOTORFLAPPER (microchapbook containing the 7 poems below, + 3 more) – January 2019
“Dorothy Parker Will Have Her Revenge on Manhattan,”
“Greta Garbo Behind the Counter in a Small Town,”
and “Sometimes Zelda Fitzgerald Gives the Creeps Herself” – Yes Poetry, Summer 2016
“Clara Bow is In Your Face But You Can’t Grab Her” FLAPPERHOUSE X, Summer 2016
“Theda Bara with Butterfly Wings,”
“Lupe Vélez is a Hot Spitfire Fit to Burn,”
and “Josephine Baker Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit” – Rag Queen Periodical, November 2016

Essays / Creative Non-Fiction
“Trans Anthems: Why Aren’t They More Popular? And Does It Really Matter?”Culturico, August 2021
“Once Upon Forever Changing Times in Hollywood”– Many Loops, December 2019
“Groundhog Days & Russian Dolls”– Many Loops, June 2019
“Buddy Holly” – Many Loops, January 2019
“Swimming with Dolphins: The Legend of Axl Rose” – Entropy, April 2016
“Autumn in America” – El Jamberoo, November 2013

Dr. Frank Approximately: The Works of Frank Portman, December 2020
Book review of Jessie Janeshek’s MADCAPQueen Mob’s Tea House, October 2019 
Music review of The Television Personalities’ And Don’t the Kids Just Love It – 10Listens, March 2011

as interviewee:
“Interview with Joseph P. O’Brien, editor of FLAPPERHOUSE,” by Joanna C. Valente – Luna Luna Magazine, February 2017

as interviewer:
“Be Open to the Miracle of Human Limitation” : A Conversation with Julie C. Day FLAPPERHOUSE, November 2018
“We Make Our Own Ghosts” : A Conversation with Jessie Janeshek – FLAPPERHOUSE, August 2017
“Make American Loitering Great Again” : A Conversation with Leland Cheuk – FLAPPERHOUSE, August 2017
“The Human Part is Now” : A Conversation with Mila Jaroniec – FLAPPERHOUSE, March 2017
“Thus, I Kick Sylvia Plath’s Brilliant Dead Ass” : A Conversation with Misti Rainwater-Lites FLAPPERHOUSE, February 2016