“Mutant Eternity”Many Loops, June 2020
“Reaper Taps” – Fluland, June 2017
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“The Little Daredevil” – matchbook, first print edition, March 2013
“The Siamese Python” – The Alarmist, Issue Two, February 2013
“The Shortcut” – The Rusty Nail, Issue 11, January 2013

“Dorothy Parker Will Have Her Revenge on Manhattan,”
“Greta Garbo Behind the Counter in a Small Town,”
and “Sometimes Zelda Fitzgerald Gives the Creeps Herself” – Yes Poetry, Summer 2016
“Clara Bow is In Your Face But You Can’t Grab Her” FLAPPERHOUSE X, Summer 2016
“Theda Bara with Butterfly Wings,”
“Lupe Vélez is a Hot Spitfire Fit to Burn,”
and “Josephine Baker Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit” – Rag Queen Periodical, November 2016
BADMOTORFLAPPER (microchapbook containing the above poems + 3 more) – January 2019
“So Far From Where I Am”Tuff Poems, June 2020

Creative Non-Fiction
“Once Upon Forever Changing Times in Hollywood”– Many Loops, December 2019
“Groundhog Days & Russian Dolls”– Many Loops, June 2019
“Buddy Holly” – Many Loops, January 2019
“Swimming with Dolphins: The Legend of Axl Rose” – Entropy, April 2016
“Autumn in America” – El Jamberoo, November 2013

Book review of Jessie Janeshek’s MADCAPQueen Mob’s Tea House, October 2019 
Music review of The Television Personalities’ And Don’t the Kids Just Love It – 10Listens, March 2011

as interviewee:
“Interview with Joseph P. O’Brien, editor of FLAPPERHOUSE,” by Joanna C. Valente – Luna Luna Magazine, February 2017

as interviewer:
“Be Open to the Miracle of Human Limitation” : A Conversation with Julie C. Day FLAPPERHOUSE, November 2018
“We Make Our Own Ghosts” : A Conversation with Jessie Janeshek – FLAPPERHOUSE, August 2017
“Make American Loitering Great Again” : A Conversation with Leland Cheuk – FLAPPERHOUSE, August 2017
“The Human Part is Now” : A Conversation with Mila Jaroniec – FLAPPERHOUSE, March 2017
“Thus, I Kick Sylvia Plath’s Brilliant Dead Ass” : A Conversation with Misti Rainwater-Lites FLAPPERHOUSE, February 2016